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With access to worldwide suppliers and extensive expertise, we can source any product you require while offering the perfect mix of cost-effectiveness, quality, and dependable supply. Let us handle your sourcing so that you will be able to focus on growing your business. Our team takes pride in getting you the best deals on offer and is ever ready to assist  you in obtaining the perfect combination of quality and dependable supply at the best price.


Product Sourcing

We identify the best suppliers that meet the cost, delivery and quality requirements of our clients. We support our clients through each step of the process, from initial contact to delivery. Here is a list of some of the main products we provide.


·      Hotel Amenities

·      Computer Equipment and Electronics

·      Prefab Buildings Units

·      Food and Beverages

·      Corporate Gifts and Souvenirs

·      Medical Instruments and Devices

·      Kitchen Equipment

·      Furniture and Fittings

·      Telecommunications Equipment

·      Hardware and Electrical Supplies

·      Engines and Spare Parts

·      Vehicles and Boats


The above list of products is non-exhaustive. We will provide any type of product or service you require. Just let us know what you wish and we will handle the rest.  


Learn more about our partner products 


Logistics and Freight Forwarding

Our aim is to connect suppliers, carriers and end-users through a seamless supply of distribution services and we ensure all our cargo are handled carefully with the shortest delivery time. We place the utmost emphasis and importance on managing logistics efficiently for our clientele.

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